Top 10 Tech Startups in Latin America – 2022

Venture funding in the LatAm region has grown exponentially, with investors pouring funds into the region’s many startups. The general e-commerce growth in the area and the critical need for the digitization of services act as contributing factors toward the rising number of startups, many of which have reached unicorn status.

On this note, LatAm startups have been steadily growing in profitability. LAVCA reported that startups in the region raised over $2.8 billion between January and March, a significant increase of 67 percent compared to $1.7 billion made during the first quarter of 2021. A factor driving this growth is the increasing co-investments between LatAm and global investors, along with less competition in the industry.

To put the spotlight on such key developments in the LatAm startup space, CIOReview illustrates how companies are innovating and leveraging the latest technologies to meet the expectations of businesses. The edition features thought leadership articles from Pablo Traub, partner at Manutara Ventures, who speaks on the major shifts in the LatAm business landscape and the resulting challenges that have arisen, and Luis Bermejo, founder and managing partner at Alaya Capital, who sheds light on the responsibility of startups and investors in upholding environmental, social, and governance principles.

In this edition of CIOReview, we bring the stories of some of the top LatAm tech startups that deliver the best intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions for their clients. The list includes Brubank, a financial services company known for its intuitive and comprehensive digital banking solutions.

We hope this edition assists you in finding the optimal tech provider that fulfills your requirements and offers cost-cutting, efficient, and impactful solutions.

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    Top Tech Startups in Latin America

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    Brubank is equipped with a full banking license, and offers its customers a complete banking experience through its proprietary technology. Easily installable on a cell phone, customers can open a bank account within minutes, begin their savings and also access a whole list of value-added services like loans and investment options

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    Beegol leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that can identify connectivity issues in real-time and relay the root cause to ISPs enabling them to undertake remediation measures proactively

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    Fractal is an engineering technology company that leverages deep intelligence and data to offer integrated solutions for the management and safety of dams and water resources. The company also provides regulatory compliance and better operational results tailored to clients’ specific business needs

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    Gedanken, a Brazilian-based company, has developed G-Certify, a risk mitigation and onboarding platform to accelerate the onboarding, certification, and verification of documents provided by suppliers in an automated manner

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    Planium makes a difference by applying its deep knowledge of the private healthcare market acquired over the last six years and focusing on technologies such as OCR and AI to deliver digital onboarding and Open Banking to deliver integrated financial services

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    Since the beginning, Sellbie’s purpose as a company has always been to offer easy-to-use technology to simplify information such that clients can attract consumers and keep their loyalty. To transform the purpose into reality, Sellbie has been working with a strategy called CRM Perfect Cycle

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    Eztools is taking the onus of defragmenting a company’s automation needs with its single, intuitive RPA platform facilitating integrated management of a company’s business processes and improved business efficiency

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    MooD Technology

    MooD Technology

    MooD is a software startup that creates new future routes. To assure success, their team has dedication and like-minded concepts that share the same goal, and technology has the ability to change the business

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    Sinapsis can assist in designing and developing a high quality Minimum Viable Product to validate your business assumptions more quickly and efficiently. Their objective is to develop successful items that customers will enjoy

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    SMU Investimentos

    SMU Investimentos

    SMU Investimentos, Brazil's first investment crowdfunding platform, is legally registered with the CVM and played a crucial role in the creation of CVM Instruction 588, as revised by CVM Resolution 88/2022, which governs crowdfunding investments in Brazil